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Say Hello, Home Depot

Last week I discussed one pattern I noticed while conducting our annual census on St. Croix. Well, as the census progressed a new pattern made me put on my breaks (literally): so many dogs with homes are walking around free. … Continue reading

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Reba: The Jaycee Dugard of Dogs

My 7-year-old learned to ride a two-wheeler a mere 10 days ago. Note I said “ride”…stopping was a whole other story. She’s was not only unable to stop, she was afraid to even try. Luckily, we have a park nearby … Continue reading

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I say kitty. You say cat.

The latest data for euthanasia has been published by Animal People in their most recent online magazine. For the second year in a row, we see an overall decline in the number of animals euthanized – down to 3.5 million. … Continue reading

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The numbers are staggering and people are finally talking about real solutions.

It is estimated that there are some 600 million strays dogs in the world. Sadly, many of the solutions to curbing this staggering overpopulation problem involve poisoning, shooting, gassing and euthanizing; none of these cruelties have “fixed” the problem, however, … Continue reading

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Diamond is a Girl’s Best Friend

FiXiT’s Executive Director, Dr. Kellie Heckman shares the story of her new furry friend’s spay procedure: I am a cat person. Crazy? For sure. Moving to St. Croix without animal companionship, I was fully prepared to find a cute little … Continue reading

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Puddle and Piles and Wailing…Oh My!

My daughter flew out of the house when she saw our neighbors approaching with their new puppy. And ohhh was she cute; a fuzzy black ball stumbling puppy breath, chewing on every stick she happened to walk over, and getting … Continue reading

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August 21st is International Homeless Animal Day

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little. ~Edmund Burke “Mommy, can we save them all?” “No, honey, we can’t save them all.” “Why not? We could just take them all … Continue reading

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