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If This Doghouse Could Talk

This week I began the Final Fix Project’s second annual census on St. Croix. Last year, I kicked off my move to St. Croix by counting the number of dogs and cats that I could see in 5 randomly chosen … Continue reading

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Reba: The Jaycee Dugard of Dogs

My 7-year-old learned to ride a two-wheeler a mere 10 days ago. Note I said “ride”…stopping was a whole other story. She’s was not only unable to stop, she was afraid to even try. Luckily, we have a park nearby … Continue reading

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United Spays of America

Animal groups from all over the country (and beyond) approach us when they hear that FiXiT is working on novel and out of the box solutions for bringing an end to pet overpopulation in their neck of the woods. Of … Continue reading

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Conferences, Condoms and…Caffeine?

The past few weeks at FiXiT have been a frantically blissful case of seeing hard work pay off. Attending and participating in the HSUS Taking Action for Animals (TAFA) conference was an honor and the opportunity provided us with overwhelming … Continue reading

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I say kitty. You say cat.

The latest data for euthanasia has been published by Animal People in their most recent online magazine. For the second year in a row, we see an overall decline in the number of animals euthanized – down to 3.5 million. … Continue reading

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Help Wanted

Last week on St. Croix, we had a veterinarian visiting us to provide some pointers on how to make our spay/neuter clinic more efficient and to provide some tricks of the high-volume trade to our veterinarian, Dr. Bailey. This was … Continue reading

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If Not You…Who?

Practically everyone at the pool had surrounded the kid with the giant bullfrog. Even I was initially intrigued; how often do you get to be that close to—or get to touch—such an impressive creature? But when minutes turned into an … Continue reading

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