The Joys of Refrigerator Repair

It has been one of those days. The kids left the freezer drawer open all night; in addition to everything in looking like an ice palace by morning, the entire appliance sounded like it was preparing for take-off. So here I have sat. All day. Trapped in the house, awaiting a repair guy who gave me the dreaded “4 hour window” for his arrival time.  Of course he arrived 10 minutes after that window had closed. Sigh.

I swallow my irritation and explain how my kids, who obviously haven’t yet grasped the idea of shutting anything—drawers, doors, etc.—had left the freezer door ajar all night, and the hideous noise I’ve listened to which is now, of course, not occurring. Nodding seriously, he starts into it with a flashlight, and a wrench thingy and a few other man tools that are not familiar to me.

While it all was just about the crappiest part of my week, our cat clearly found it fascinating; evidently, nothing peaks that natural cat curiosity more than a stranger with all those flashy tool thingys and all those different smells poking through that cold thing that houses her “treat” food. I mean she was all in his business. So taken with him she was, that when he stepped out through the garage to get another man tool thingy, out she bolted behind him. Great! The day just keeps getting better and better. Thankfully, I managed to tackle her before she made it to his van in the street.

“Sorry ‘bout that, ma’am” he sings out behind me. “I didn’t think she’d tear off after me like that.”

It’s no problem, I explain. I’ve got her. We’re good. Please let’s get all this going I think.

“Mind if I ask if she’s fixed?” he asks upon his return.

Gasp! What’s this? The fridge repair guy caring about a cat being spayed or not?!

“Why yes, she in fact is. Why do you ask?”

“It’s just that back some time ago, we inherited this mule of a Tom Cat. 24 pounds that thing was. ‘Bout ate us out of house and home. Anyway, he was always waiting for that door to open, waitin’ for his chance to bolt. Be gone for days. Show back up all straggley lookin’. Finally had him neutered. Didn’t stop all that eatin’ but sure did stop that bolting he was doin’. And I’m sure it helped reduce them wild cat colonies you’re always hearin’ about ‘round here. Anyway [tool sound, tool sound, tool sound], that’s just why I was askin’.”

And there it was. The silver lining in my crappiest day of the week. A random stranger who not only agrees with spay/neuter, but even touts the importance of it to random customers. Eureka!  Naturally, I explained my involvement with FiXiT’s cause and all, to which he just smiled.

“Somethin’ that sure is worthwhile” he says [tool sound, tool sound].

I was so inspired by his words of support, and so impressed by his ability to sneak a random conversation about spaying and neutering into his line of work, that the irritation over the 4 hour wait and the $65 service charge to tell me that the “blah blah yadda exhaust fan yadda” was merely rubbing the ice that had formed around it during the night while the door was open just didn’t seem so bad. Not so bad at all.

Anyone can spread the word about the importance of spaying and neutering. Anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a mechanic, a nail tech, a teacher, a lawyer or a lawn specialist. Please visit  for facts you can share with others. 

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