Back to School Shopping with “GoodShop”

For the past week, each morning has started with the same question: “How many days of summer are left now?!” While it was clear that local stores wanted my kids to prepare to return to school three weeks into the summer by stocking the shelves full of “Back To School” items, our family is definitely waiting until the very last minute to admit that the time has indeed arrived. But arrive it has, and this is the week we’ll be doing all the shopping: school supplies, goodies to pack for lunches, and that special outfit for the “first day of school pictures.”  This year, however, I don’t plan on fighting the crowds or facing the “sorry-we-ran-out-of-that-one-very-specific-thing-your-kids’-teachers-are-asking-for” issues…and I’m going to earn money for FiXiT while finding everything we need!

FiXiT recently added our organization to a fantastic little network called “GoodSearch” and its “Sister” site, “GoodShop.” Amazingly, by running a simple internet search (yes, just any search!) and shopping for the things you need at the stores you usually shop at can earn FiXiT some serious cash for our cause! In fact, the ASPCA has earned $40,000 using these sites! And practically every store you can think of for “back to school” shopping is available to you there: Target, Staples, Sears, Lands End, Toys ‘R Us, Gap, Kohls, Old Navy, it goes on and on. And each store will donate anywhere from 1% to 4% of your purchases to FiXiT!

So take a few minutes right now and go to GoodSearch, type “FiXiT” in as your cause, and you’re ready to go! Perform all your internet searches through the site, or do all the online shopping you need to do through GoodShop, and start earning cash for the cause. Honestly, what could be better that getting that daunting “Back To School To Do” list checked off quickly and raising money for animals in need at the same time? It’ll sure make our family’s last week of summer more enjoyable!

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