Takin’ it to the Streets

The GetYourFix condom campaign that we displayed at the Taking Action for Animals (TAFA) conference in Washington D.C. was the focus of last week’s blog. Well, the effort to grab people’s attention paid off! This week I am proudly highlighting a GetYourFix Funder that first learned about us at TAFA. Her name is Gabbi and she is not only an active Funder, but also an active volunteer.

Gabbi is sponsoring the fixes, vaccine boosters, FIV/FELV tests, and flea control of two adorable kitties: Luna and Sandstorm (pictured), who were littermates rescued by Owner Angela from a stray mama. While stellar in her capacity as a Funder with a plan of funding a fix every month (awesome!), Gabbi is also interested in spreading the word of GetYourFix in her local community by distributing materials at retail locations.

We are looking for more people like Gabbi to get the message out about GetYourFix in local communities. We especially need to find Funders to help the large volume of pets in need. You (yes you!) can get posters, rack cards, and online ads from our site and spread the word about our program – visit our Promotional Materials shop.

If are a dedicated spay/neuter junkie like us, you might also be interested in forming a GetYourFix Street Team. Focus your desire to help end companion overpopulation in your local area (remember “Think Global, Spay Local”): keep track of people in need on GYF, develop relationships with local spay/neuter clinics, and even fundraise to sponsor local fixes. Visit GetYourFix to find out more or send an email to info@getyourfix.org.

Sound like fun? Of course, it does! As a Street Teamer, you’ll even get some of those cool condoms to distribute!

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