Conferences, Condoms and…Caffeine?

The past few weeks at FiXiT have been a frantically blissful case of seeing hard work pay off. Attending and participating in the HSUS Taking Action for Animals (TAFA) conference was an honor and the opportunity provided us with overwhelming support and positive feedback. In fact, while teaching a workshop on “Strategies to Address Pet Overpopulation,” the audience stopped Co-Founder Stephanie Downs to applaud when she reached the point of introducing in the presentation, which began to be coined the “© for spay and neuter” throughout the conference.

We displayed hundreds of pet profiles from at the conference, and distributed even more of what is quickly becoming known as our “signature piece,” our GetYourFix Condoms (how fun is that?!). Everyone was so impressed by our new way of thinking; analyzing and approaching the animal overpopulation crisis from a business standpoint…not an emotional one. In fact, we created such a buzz that we were asked to be a guest on the Talking Animals radio show (which airs on NPR’s affiliate station), were interviewed by HSUS, secured over 50 people to join our volunteer street team (Hoowa!) and countless people signed up for our soon-to-be-launched eNews which will keep people updated on our progress. We even recruited a volunteer at the event who helped staff the booth!

Exhausted but truly validated, our staffers came home, downed some caffeine, and launched right into plans for our next event in order to keep this ball rolling. Pamper for a Cause, a fundraiser that FiXiT will host near the end of October, will pair generous our local salons with compassionate clients to benefit both our local and national spay and neuter programs. Be sure to check out the site for the latest on this event, and for information on how to participate if you are in the Hampton Roads area …and be sure to spread the word!

While we are so proud of all that we are accomplishing, we fully recognize that we have a long way to go, and that we can only get there with more hard work, more creative ideas and, of course, the generosity of compassionate people like you…and perhaps some more coffee…but we are certainly up for the challenge!

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