Save Global – Spay Local is less than 4 months old, but we are amazed at how you all have really responded to it. Periodically, I am going to share a success story and give credit to some amazingly generous people. Sophy is a spay/neuter clinic volunteer that has been keeping an eye out for pet profiles on (GYF) in her community and reaches out to help.

Sophy has been volunteering with Pets Ltd. for a year and a half. The organization provides low cost spay/neuter to members of their community in Fairfax Station, VA. Sophy became involved with the organization when she found a feral cat mama and her kittens that needed to be fixed at her children’s high school. Impressed with the small group of hard-working volunteers, she decided to join the team.

Through Sophy’s dog’s facebook page – yes, her dog!, she heard about She searched for people in need in her area, so that she could recommend Pets Ltd. She hooked up with an owner, Leanne, who had posted a profile for her rescued cat, William. William also had an unaltered sister, and then two more strays were found. After all was said and done, Leanne was provided with four fixes, plus vaccines, deworming, a nail trim, and flea prevention.

Sophy and Pets Ltd generously split the hefty cost for all of these services. This gives a great example of people associated with clinics that are using GYF to provide help in their own community. It makes GetYourFix so local, despite its national reach. I see Sophy continue to reach out to people in her community on the GYF message boards – have you searched for pets in your area?

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