Help Wanted

Last week on St. Croix, we had a veterinarian visiting us to provide some pointers on how to make our spay/neuter clinic more efficient and to provide some tricks of the high-volume trade to our veterinarian, Dr. Bailey. This was a busy week primarily because of the increased demand for skilled volunteers, which is HARD to come by on such a small island. We were extremely lucky to find a vet on island willing to donate her time to our program. What a find!

Our goal is to reach 75 spays and neuters per week. This is the level, given the population of St. Croix, that is necessary to stabilize the cat and dog population. Of course, we are here using our market research and incentive-based strategy to figure out what it will take to get to this level. Once we do, however, we will again find ourselves without that elusive resource – skilled volunteers.

So…I am putting the call out to all of you vet and vet tech types: Move to the Caribbean!

Just to entice you a bit, our visiting vet, in her precious spare time, was able to snorkel Buck Island Reef National Monument, see a sunset in the west on Rainbow Beach, and take a sea turtle tour at Sandy Point National Refuge. I am especially excited about the last one, because I got to participate. A nesting leatherback female – all 700 pounds of her – came within 10 feet of our group looking for a good spot and we released a bunch of day old hatchlings into the ocean. You just can’t beat that!

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