Animal People, Unite!

by Kellie Heckman is really starting to gather momentum! When we first put up the site, we were worried that Funders wouldn’t respond to this kind of grassroots, people-helping-people type of fundraising. Thankfully, animal people who are able to help are starting to learn about the site and take action. Today I want to highlight the generosity of one particular Funder, Cheryl H.

Cheryl is a true animal lover with three large, mixed rescued dogs, three rescued cats, three rescued rats, one rescued guinea pig, and eight chickens at her home. She first heard of on Facebook and seemingly never looked back.

As a funder, Cheryl has been a real superstar. Her very first spay/neuter sponsorship provided surgeries AND rabies shots for three puppies:  Chubbs, Lola, and Rascal (pictured below). The owner of these three, Melissa, is a hero in her own right. As someone who is compassionate towards animals, her yard has become a dumping ground for unwanted animals. A predicament many of us can identify with. Melissa needed help given her limited resources, and created a profile for each of these three puppies. Cheryl has since gone on to help a cat named Icey get spayed, and has already contacted yet another owner.

As an administrator of the site, I get to watch as Cheryl and other Funders reach out to people wanting to spay/neuter their animals. It is really inspiring to watch people from different parts of the country and different backgrounds unite for animals and a greater good. You can become a part of this effort by becoming a Funder.

As for advice (or maybe words of wisdom) to potential funders, Cheryl suggests “…put yourself in their shoes, where you have an animal you love and you want to do the right thing, but can’t.  Those of us who can help should.” Perfectly said. Thanks, Cheryl.

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