The numbers are staggering and people are finally talking about real solutions.

It is estimated that there are some 600 million strays dogs in the world. Sadly, many of the solutions to curbing this staggering overpopulation problem involve poisoning, shooting, gassing and euthanizing; none of these cruelties have “fixed” the problem, however, because they all focus on the end result, not the cause.

The good news from Huffington Post is that many organizations are working hard to humanely solve the overpopulation crisis at its root. Such real solutions include a proposed “pill” for strays, issue awareness campaigns by way of celebrity spokespeople and FiXiT’s own incentive-based spay-neuter program.

These programs are making headway, but the work is FAR from over, and your help is desperately needed. Spay or neuter your dog or cat and encourage others to do the same. Adopt from shelters instead of purchasing from breeders or pet shops. If you have the means to help the cause monetarily, visit and sponsor someone trying to do the right thing for his or her animal. If funds are low, get creative! Consider asking friends and family to sponsor a “Fix” in your name as a birthday or wedding gift to you.

Every little bit anyone can do to help support these valiant efforts means dozens and even hundreds less cats and dogs who are left without homes…and often left to be gassed, euthanized, shot or hung. So let’s get going!

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