GetYourFix: Let’s solve overpopulation one spay at a time

by Kellie Heckman  

FiXiT launched nationally last week. We are so excited to provide a means for people to help each other and to make a direct impact on the overpopulation crisis. Unfortunately, there is a lot of need in our country right now, and profiles of animals in need of a “fix” posted by their owners are pouring in – currently 211 profiles!

When FiXiT began, we immediately started getting requests for help to provide spay/neuter from both individuals and organizations. As a small, self-funded organization, we could only help look for a nearby low cost clinic and give general advice. We did some brainstorming, however, and came up with GetYourFix, essentially a “ for spay/neuter,” allowing two kinds of people to “hook up”: 1) ones with the desire to do the right thing for the overpopulation problem, but without the financial resources and 2) ones with the means and desire to help.

Rocky was our first fix resulting from a “hook up” on GetYourFix. Jervenna, Rocky’s care-giver, adopted this adorable pup from a long-lost family member in her time of need, but then herself took ill. Funds became tight, yet she still wanted to get Rocky fixed. The “Owner,” Jervenna, and the “Donor” worked together to find a nearby low cost clinic, purchase a low cost voucher and schedule an appointment, and successfully got Rocky, who is doing very well, to the clinic for the big day. FiXiT couldn’t have asked for a better first fix for GetYourFix!

Now we need more generous and compassionate animal lovers out there to step up and become Donors. We know personally that this is such a rewarding and appreciated experience. Please help end overpopulation one fix at a time. Find out how here, and thank you for your support!

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