Calling All Tattletales

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The weather is finally warming up in our part of the world. As much as we’re enjoying it, it’s hard to believe that this perfect weather could be dangerous to our pets in any way. For dog lovers who travel everywhere with their pooches, however, it is indeed one of the most dangerous times of the year.

To most pet lovers, it’s a no-brainer to leave Fido at home while running errands on a 100 degree summer day, because they realize that temperatures in a car where he’d wait as they “just run in for a second” can reach up to a deadly 130 degrees or more. But what most people don’t know is that even on mild days, with temperatures in the low to mid-70’s, the temperature inside a parked car can quickly reach 100 degrees within 5 minutes, even if a car window is left open a crack. According to veterinary sources, most dogs will begin to show signs of heat stress when the temperature reaches 81 degrees Fahrenheit, so bringing Fluffy along for the ride this time of year is just as dangerous as it would be in the summer heat.

Once outside temperatures reach above 40 to 50 degrees, leave your pooch at home when running quick errands, or make arrangements for someone to care for him or her when traveling. If that’s not at all possible, invest in a temperature monitor. Too, never, ever walk (or drive) away if you see a dog in a parked car. Ever. Be a TattleTale. Take the time to report the situation to a person working at the facility where the car is parked. When reporting it, let them know that if you do not see it addressed within 5 minutes, you will call 911…and then DO JUST THAT. Don’t like confrontation? No problem. Once you have reported the situation, park a bit of a distance away so that you remain anonymous, but are still able to observe the car. But DO NOT leave until you see that the dog is safe. It will save a life. For more information, please visit

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