Going My Way?

Last summer FiXiT Foundation conducted a spay/neuter perception survey to gather insight to use to increase demand for our program on St. Croix. One particular issue that popped out to us as limiting people’s ability to fix their pets, was lack of transportation. From our survey, we learned that 58 % of those with unfixed pets would be more likely to spay/neuter their pets if transportation was offered. These people also most commonly listed the expense and schedule constraints as issues preventing them from fixing their pets.

On the island, there are few options to get an animal to a clinic for those without their own car or one to borrow, especially for people, as we have determined, with restricted time and resources. There is limited public transportation – taxis and a VITRAN bus – that follow a no pets allowed policy. In fact, one person who expressed a make or break need for transportation to our clinic recently was a taxi driver himself!

Since launching the clinic, there have been multiple requests for transportation assistance. I have already performed one transport – a cutie named Stella, whose picture was posted on our Facebook page recently. For now, I will try to accommodate those with this need by rallying some volunteers to support those with this (interested parties: contact me!) and attempt to acquire a vehicle outfitted for animal transport to get animals to our clinic who would otherwise stay home.

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