“Convicted Child Molester Returning to the Classroom to Teach.”

OK, so that’s not a TRUE statement—in fact, it better not be, as I’d be the first Mommy on the scene to protest—but I use it as a lead-in to the “Michael Vick thinks he should be able to have a dog now” blog because, to me, it essentially has the same premise.

Dog fighting is a heinous, cruel and completely revolting crime that involves not only the unfortunate animals who belong to these heartless ring leaders, but also family pets who are often stolen right from their backyards to be used as “bait” to train and feed the dogs who are made to fight. Fighters and bait dogs alike suffer severe, untreated facial lacerations, broken bones, teeth and torn off limbs, are housed in putrid conditions and are often only fed the meat of the defeated dogs.  Their excruciating, scared, lonely lives are, quite simply, Hell on earth.

And yet we now have a man who has not only condoned this atrocious activity, but personally taken part in, lead and even been convicted for these activities stating that owning another dog would be “an important part of his rehabilitation.” Really?! Not sure about you, but I say that allowing Michael Vick to own another dog, EVER, is just like giving a child molester the go ahead to be a gym teacher. What are your thoughts?

Please visit the following sites for more information on how to help victims of this heinous “sport”:




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