Blood, Sweat, Tears, and 5 Poster Designs

by Kellie Heckman

This coming week marks the official start of FiXiT’s Island Project with the launch of our marketing campaign. Wow! We have been working for the past 9 months to get to this point, and our journey has been marked by a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (literally), which ultimately resulted in my packing up my life in Virginia and moving to St. Croix to direct the project.

Stephanie and I founded FiXiT Foundation as a single-issue nonprofit organization, focusing on bringing spay/neuter to everyone. And everyone includes a lot of people – people who have varying opinions on whether or not to eat meat, whether or not cats and dogs are part of the family, whether or not spay/neuter is ethical/necessary, etc.

As animal activists who started an animal welfare organization, we recognize that we are at one extreme of a wide continuum. Therefore, as part of our strategy, we felt it was mandatory to step out of our shoes and into those of our target demographic, owners of unfixed dogs and cats, to be successful in conveying the importance of spay/neuter, even to those who may not share our passion for animals.

Our strategic efforts resulted in five promotional designs that we are excited to be using for our marketing campaign launch. They are graphic and emotional—not your typical, fluffy ‘do-the-right-thing’ stuff—but that’s the point!  We have tested these against many other designs, and our research indicates that these will perform well. So without further delay…here they are!

"Cut" is St. Croix Island slang for "Fixed."

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