Stuffing, Potatoes, Pumpkin Pie, Ohh My…

Ahhh the smells of the season…fabulous feasts cooking in our kitchens, the scent of so many yummies wafting throughout the house. And you know if it gets our mouths watering, it must be driving our animals nuts. Beware, however, that many people foods that our animals so cutely beg us for, can be damaging to their systems.

Just a miniscule amount of salt can throw the water balance off in a dog or cat’s system, causing swelling in the brain and, in some cases, cause seizures or even death. Garlic and onion lovers? For animals, the chemicals in these foods cause a breakdown in red blood cells which can prevent oxygen cycling in the body; just 3 ounces can speed up heart rate and breathing, and can lead to serious gastrointestinal issues. Fresh, hot homemade rolls anyone? I’m there. But just a mouthful of rising dough left out on a counter for Snookie the Doberman to sneak, and he gets fermentation in the belly, and can even suffer the pains of alcohol toxicity.

So while it’s tempting to share bits of our fabulous holiday feasts that our animal companions so cutely beg us for, think twice before doing so. Instead, get a few treats made just for animals that make them feel special while keeping them healthy at the same time. If you share your holidays with a dog, please visit: for an extensive-yet-surprising list of what foods can be toxic to your canine. If you are owned by a cat, please visit for a list of foods to keep out of feline range.

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