Wreaking Havoc

Officer Havoc, the “drug dog,” ruled the demonstration at my daughter’s school last week during the anti-drug assembly hosted by the local police department; his obedience skills rivaled my own kids’, his attack skills clearly a force to be reckoned with and his loyalty to his human partner undeniable. I was impressed with the whole package…until I noticed that he still had his (package that is).

Out of curiosity, I approached Havoc’s human partner about the dog’s “intact-ness:” “It keeps him aggressive. And you want that when he’s defending your life” he says. Ironically, Havoc began to bark incessantly while we were discussing this…it seems he has a “thing” for Isabelle, the other unaltered “drug dog,” who sat waiting for her turn to impress the crowd.  “And what if she happens to be around when he’s in action?” I couldn’t help but press. “Yeah, there’s that,” he smiles, “they don’t work together for that reason.” I couldn’t help but think of how quickly a situation could turn bad for this officer if another female dog happened by while Havoc was defending him…

So many excuses are offered by people who choose not to have their animals spayed or neutered and, sadly, most myths are just that; myths that lead to millions of unwanted animals being born and subsequently euthanized each year for lack of a good home. Keeping a dog “intact” has no impact on his or her ability to guard, positive and consistent training does (and as an aside, you can sterilize a dog without removing his “package” if, despite the research, you’re firm in your belief that hormones make the guard dog; speak with your veterinarian to learn more about this option).  And with so many low- to no-cost programs out there, money shouldn’t be an excuse either.

In fact, not only is spaying and neutering the only solution to the overpopulation crisis, it has been proven to prevent many of the illnesses that can kill your pet. So if you haven’t had your companion altered yet, stop with the excuses. Call today to get an appointment. Just do it. And spread the word about the many benefits of having this done. It could mean life or death for your pet, and the millions of animals who die in shelters each year.

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