Risks to Outdoor Cats

Nobody loves “Grubby” the “neighborhood kitty” more than I; his chatty and warm “hello” every time I circle the block during my daily jog is often one of the highlights of my day. I worry about his safety as an “outdoor kitty,” however; the top of his left ear is torn off, he always seems to have a new scab somewhere and, last week, he displayed half a de-haired tail. I can’t help but wonder how bad his outdoor injuries must get before his “people” decide that indoors is the safer place for him to be.

So many dangers face animals who are allowed to roam unattended outdoors (cats and dogs alike), and with the plethora of toys and even cat friendly/edible plants available today, there’s truly no reason for them to. Check out this very thorough piece from KOLD News 13 out of Arizona for more information on this very important topic, and please share it with neighbors and friends who have “outdoor” cats; it could mean life or death for that very sweet neighborhood cat down the street.

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