Puddle and Piles and Wailing…Oh My!

My daughter flew out of the house when she saw our neighbors approaching with their new puppy. And ohhh was she cute; a fuzzy black ball stumbling puppy breath, chewing on every stick she happened to walk over, and getting the leash wrapped around everyone standing there ooo-ing and ahhh-ing over her.  And I knew what was coming next…even before the door flew open and she ran down that sidewalk:

“Mommy, puhhh-leeez?! Can we get a puppy too?!”

Though our hectic lives don’t currently allow time to dedicate to a dog, I can see us “taking that leap” in the future. I’m not sure, however, that we’d be “up for” all of the new-puppy-training  adopting a wee one would involve; I cringed as I listened to our neighbors lament over the puddles and piles they had already cleaned off the kitchen floor (after only 2 days), and the nights spent listening to a lonely pup wail for her Mum and siblings.

That’s the glory of a good ‘ol shelter dog. Of course they have puppies if you really want to (sacrifice your sleep and floors) train one. But they also have lots of great, young dogs who have been trained to some degree, and who just need a new family to love. In fact, my childhood dog came from a shelter; a beautiful 3-year-old purebred Lhasa Apso, “Betsy” came to the shelter when her owners could no longer physically care for her after a tragic accident. She was fully “trained”—housebroken, sit, stay, heel, all the like—and lived a happy, healthy 12 long years with us.

So if you are ready to “take the leap,” and have the time to dedicate to a dog, consider celebrating “Adopt a Shelter Animal” month this October by adopting a great “older-than-a-puppy” dog from your local shelter. You’ll not only gain a great (likely to be pre-trained) companion, you’ll also be saving a life…and your floors, and your sleep and…


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