Happy Birthday to Us…Happy Birthday to Us…

As a mother of young children, I tend to view birthdays in terms of “milestones;” are the kids doing this and that by this age, no longer doing such and such by this age, etc. And you can’t help but puff up your chest a little when your kid has reached those “markers” in life—no matter how small—even though you know your job is far from over!

It’s kind of the same feeling we at FiXiT are experiencing as the Foundation celebrates its first birthday; a true sense of pride in how much has been accomplished (all by a volunteer staff!!), but a tenacity to roll up the sleeves and work even harder to reach that next milestone. So we’d like to take a moment to blow out those candles and share just a few of FiXiT’s first-year accomplishments—we’ll call it our birthday “cake”—with you!

Celebrating St. Croix:

  • FiXiT has set up residence in St. Croix and has established working relationships with area vets, the island animal welfare center and local outreach groups
  • We completed extensive statistical surveys on the island which will prove invaluable as we determine the best messages to motivate people to alter their animals
  • We’ve also taken a census of stray animals on St. Croix; the first ever animal census on island
  • We’re working with outreach groups to educate children in the St. Croix school system
  • We are working with the St. Croix Animal Welfare Center to promote and market their spay/neuter program

(Net)working…like a dog:

  • FiXiT has established a sound volunteer network—we can always use more help though, so come on and dig in!
  • We’ve tabled at CaribFest 2010 (hosted by VA Caribbean Cultural Association)—handed out general info on what we do, displayed photos of animals in need in St. Croix
  • We registered with GuideStar
  • We launched our web site, created a Facebook page and this blog, we’re on YouTube, Twitter…you name it; we’re truly taking maximum advantage of the social media networks to reach supporters and encourage spay/neuter activism

Rolling up the sleeves:

  • We are continually developing new ideas to take us into our next year, including our upcoming “Working Like a Dog Day” fundraiser
  • We’re continuing the grant writing & submission process
  • Assembled advisory board and are continually developing innovative advertising messages for their review for optimal advertising success
  • Because learning is a lifelong process, we’ve also attended “No More Homeless Pets” and “The Non-Surgical Sterilization” conferences to educate ourselves on various issues in the spay/neuter world

Of course you can find out more of what we’ve done in just our first year by visiting our web site, but let’s talk presents (they always follow cakes, right?!)! Help us celebrate our milestone by joining our anniversary cause on Facebook, setting a goal to do just one thing this week to help FiXiT accomplish its mission. Spread the word about homeless animals by writing a letter (to your local paper or to city officials about spay/neuter issues), posting one of our blogs (on Facebook, etc.) or Twittering about us. If you are interested in receiving a step by step list of specific things you and do to help, please email AnnMarie@fixit-foundation.org. Not a networking kind of person? Then maybe skip that $5 cup of Joe and make a donation, or donate your time at the local shelter.  Any one of these things will be making a difference for animals…and would really make our birthday extra special!

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