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Puddle and Piles and Wailing…Oh My!

My daughter flew out of the house when she saw our neighbors approaching with their new puppy. And ohhh was she cute; a fuzzy black ball stumbling puppy breath, chewing on every stick she happened to walk over, and getting … Continue reading

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Make sure Halloween doesn’t become a trick for your animals

Apparently, nothing spells Halloween to our cat, Reo, like ooey-gooey pumpkin “innards” to paw at, sniff and sample. So, it goes without saying that no one loves a good jack-o-lantern carving session more than she. But once the doorbell starts … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Us…Happy Birthday to Us…

As a mother of young children, I tend to view birthdays in terms of “milestones;” are the kids doing this and that by this age, no longer doing such and such by this age, etc. And you can’t help but … Continue reading

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It’s not just the individual animal you’ll be helping…

So there I was. In my work clothes in the pouring down rain, leash in hand, crouched in the mud outside an abandoned building located beside highway packed with cars speeding by during rush hour. My best friend at the … Continue reading

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