Stop Filling FedEx Field

I’m a visual learner. Always have been. Especially if you start throwing numbers at me…

“ 4.2 million dogs and cats are euthanized in U.S. animal shelters every year. That’s about 350,000 per month; 87,500 per week; 12,500 per day, 520 per hour…”

Yes. Those numbers sound like a lot. But how much is that really?

So I’m at my computer looking to make a visual connection to share with all you other visual learners  who, like me, really need to grasp these seemingly terrible stats, when my husband starts going on about “kickoff week” and “football season” and “fantasy leagues” yada yada yada. Euthanasia stats and…football? Seriously. Not helping me at all. Or…was he?

Out of odd curiosity, I start searching stadium capacities for my “visual.” And there it was:

In a little over seven days we could fill the biggest NFL stadium in the country with victims of the animal overpopulation crisis. I got what I was looking for, but choked back tears as I imagined every seat in this picture occupied by a beautiful cat or dog who died because of someone’s irresponsible choice.

Spaying/neutering companion animals is the only, real solution to this crisis. And, while “fixing” your own companions is an excellent start, please don’t stop there. Spread the word to others about this solution: Mail low-cost spay neuter information to a neighbor or friend who hasn’t taken the responsible step (a local listing can be found here:; write local papers about this issue and encourage readers to support local programs (; ask your shelter if you can sponsor a surgery; post the above statistics on your favorite social networking site and encourage friends to get active too.

So as the 2010 football season kicks off this week, let’s get our own “kickoff” for animals going. Together, we really can “stop filling FedEx Field.”

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