August 21st is International Homeless Animal Day

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little. ~Edmund Burke

“Mommy, can we save them all?”

“No, honey, we can’t save them all.”

“Why not? We could just take them all home and love them and they would all be OK.”

“But what about the ones who will come after them?”

“Oh. Well why do they keep coming?”

“There are just more animals than there are homes for them all, sweetheart.”

“Oh. Then how can we fix THAT?!”

Even eight year olds realize, while walking through a packed shelter, that the epidemic of animal overpopulation is a problem that needs to be resolved. Yet thousands upon thousands of animals continue to be born each day to unaltered animals. A miniscule percentage of that amount become loved companions, while the rest are left to suffer the cruelties of the streets or end up in overwhelmed shelters faced with the devastating task of euthanizing millions of unwanted animals each year.

International Homeless Animals’ day, introduced by the International Society for Animal Rights in 1992, is intended to bring awareness to the overpopulation crisis that has now become an American epidemic. It is meant to encourage everyone to get active for these animals by supporting and helping to promote programs and campaigns that work directly to resolve the issue through spay/neuter programs, the only true solution.

Every little bit matters to these animals and to the people who work tirelessly to help them. A donation to your local shelters—which are in constant need of newspapers, old blankets, shoe boxes, food, toys and monetary donations in any amount—would help homeless animals directly, while a quick letter to your local papers regarding homeless animals’ plight and spay/neuter campaigns, letters to local governments about supporting and financially backing these programs and monetary donations to sound local programs support these animals indirectly. Live at your computer? You can also get online campaigns going: post a quick link to your favorite homeless animals video or story or a “how to support your local shelter or spay/neuter program” on your preferred social networking site, or even start an e-mail campaign. For those looking to get even more active, free downloadable candlelight vigil packets are also available:

So as I head to help my 8-year-old finish emptying our her “Snoopy” bank and round up old blankets to take to our local shelter, please consider what you can do to help FiXiT mark this day by doing your part, no matter how small, for the millions of homeless animals who continue to suffer in our country.

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